No five-year plan | VTx

No five-year plan |  VTx

Becoming a success in the business world might seem a stretch from earning a degree in mechanical engineering, but Eric Schneider ’15 would beg to differ. Schneider earned his engineering degree and went to work in industry, discovering that he had a deeper drive to understand the mechanics of business. Along the way, he also … Read more

Yosemite National Park, CA open; Oak, Washburn fire impacts

Yosemite National Park officials on Monday said the park is not being impacted by the Oak Fire, and it remains open to visitors. Parts of Yosemite are reopening after having to shut down due to the Washburn Fire. “Yosemite National Park remains open,” Scott Gediman, a spokesman for the park, said on Monday. “All of … Read more

Tighter rules for Penticton vacation rentals? | News

Tighter rules for Penticton vacation rentals?  |  News

Tighter restrictions may be on the way for owners of short-term rental properties in Penticton. City council on Tuesday voted unanimously to have staff prepare a report on what, if any, restrictions might be appropriate to deal with public concerns stemming from such rental properties. The vote came on the heels of a separate report … Read more