Could You Afford a Vacation Home in Hawaii? Check Out the Prices in 11 Locations Across the Islands

house in Hilo Hawaii

ejs9/Getty Images/iStockphoto Sandy beaches, blue water, swaying palm trees and lei-clad islanders probably enter your mind when you think about Hawaii. And if you’ve vacationed there lately, you know that a trip to this state is not exactly cheap. It’s definitely worth it, though, if you’re someone who values ​​all that Hawaii has to offer. … Read more

10 Top Luxury Rentals in Texas

10 Top Luxury Rentals in Texas

When you think of Texas, you might think of cowboys, barbecues and rodeos, not luxury vacation getaways. However, you should think again. Check Out: Everything’s Bigger in Texas — Including Taxes, Which Are Outpacing California Retirement at Any Age: Get Top Retirement Tips for Every Stage of Life Texas has cultivated some of the most … Read more

Disney’s $110,000 Private Jet Tour Around the World: What’s Included in That Hefty Price?

Disney's $110,000 Private Jet Tour Around the World: What's Included in That Hefty Price?

According to Statista, Disney properties account for 12 of the 25 most visited theme parks in the world — Disney parks make up six of the top 10 and three of the top five. Before the pandemic slashed attendance, Magic Kingdom alone received nearly 21 million guests per year. Retirement at Any Age: Get Top … Read more

How To Visit National Parks on a Budget

Family enjoying  beautiful view in the mountains.

MargaretW/Getty Images/iStockphoto The end of summer is approaching and many travelers are trying to squeeze in one last visit or two to national parks. Ideally, travelers will try to keep these visits within their budgets too. The Future of Finances: Gen Z & How They Relate to MoneyExplore: Your Biggest Money Etiquette Questions Answered What … Read more

Ask a Real Estate Investor: What’s the Best Way To Make Passive Income?

female real estate investor looking at a prospective home

© Everyone loves the idea of ​​earning money with the least amount of effort, and real estate is one area where this is quite possible. The Future of Finances: Gen Z & How They Relate to MoneyRead: Should You Still Buy a Home in Today’s Market? Passive income doesn’t necessarily mean that you sit back … Read more

Is It Still Cheaper To Stay in an Airbnb vs. at Hotel?

Excited traveling woman in her room at the hotel jumping on the bed and looking at the camera smiling.

andresr/Getty Images When it comes to determining whether an Airbnb or hotel offers a better value for money, the answer is: It depends. Traveling accommodation costs vary greatly across the world, and depending on who you’re traveling with, where you’re going and the amenities you want, the answer may vary. Dollar Tree: 5 High-Quality Items … Read more

How Much Cash To Bring With You on Vacation


Kenishirotie / According to a survey by The Vacationer, over 80% of Americans planned to travel this summer, representing a 42% increase over 2021 — and it wouldn’t be surprising if that trend carries on into the fall. Explore: Your Biggest Money Etiquette Questions Answered Learn: This Credit Score Mistake Could Be Costing Millions … Read more

Travel Cost Comparison: Time Share vs. Traditional Vacation

At 400 square feet of polished concrete floor, this triangle-shaped tiny house in Colorado is the perfect unique vacation rental getaway for travelers.

Jeremy Poland/Getty Images Now that travel is back on the table, people are once again getting used to the idea of ​​annual vacations as a regular thing. Many people have become more cost-conscious lately, however, especially with the current state of the economy. And unfortunately, everything seems to be increasing in price, including hotel accommodations. … Read more

Must See ‘Forge’ Super Yacht Modeled in Shape of Volcano

Forge SuperYacht, M51 Concepts

As trepidation concerning COVID-19 begins to wane, Americans are pulling out all stops when it comes to vacation spending. At the start of the summer, the Allianz Partners estimated that Americans would spend roughly $194 billion on vacations. That would be a 26% increase over 2021 and a 91% boost from pre-pandemic spending levels in … Read more

4 Reasons Waterfront Rental Property is a Good Investment (and Some Reasons Why It’s Not)

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Michael Mincey / While buying a home is getting more complicated (and pricier) due to inflation, rising interest rates and low inventory, buying a vacation home could be fruitful. More specifically, buying a waterfront rental property could be an even more attractive prospect. See: How Long $250,000 Will Last in Retirement in Each StateFind: … Read more