How Malaysians can plan holidays without relying on travel agents

Planning for your own holiday can be incredibly rewarding as you have full control of your time and environment. — Pixabay

Free independent travelers (FITs), or fully independent travelers like to plan for holidays on their own. But it doesn’t mean that only savvy travelers can holiday without the help of a travel agent or guide. Traveling on your own comes from experiences gained while being on the road. Nobody starts off being a totally expert … Read more

Why more Malaysian travelers are planning holidays without travel agents

Many travellers prefer to holiday in small groups of family and friends amid the pandemic. — MATHEUS FERRERO/Unsplash

The last thing Beatrice Balakrishnan wants on a holiday is to be in a tour bus with 40 other strangers. Going through the pandemic has made her wary of crowds – and by extension, mass tourism. That’s why Beatrice, 32, would rather plan trips – either for a solo venture or with loved ones – … Read more