Honors College Expands Study Abroad Programs

Honors study abroad students in the Exploring Madrid Past and Present class summer 2022 pose at a castle

After two years of canceled or limited study abroad, the Honors College added two new international experiences this year to meet student demand. One was Shakespeare’s London, taught by English Assoc. Teaching Prof. Kevin Peterson. He and Honors College Assistant Director Erin Maitland took 17 students to London and Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace and home to … Read more

Louis Vuitton Integrates Its City Guides Locales Into Apple Maps – Robb Report

Louis Vuitton City Guides Apple Maps

Apple Maps just got a serious, Louis Vuitton-approved upgrade. The French luxury brand may be best known for its leather trunks and runway-caliber apparel, but its highly curated City Guides have proven an unexpected yet potent success. Now, with the launch of iOS 14, Apple Maps is introducing Guides, a feature that directly integrates some … Read more

US Virgin Islands Travel: What You Need To Know for 2022

US Virgin Islands Travel: What You Need To Know for 2022

The US Virgin Islands is a stunning Caribbean island chain comprising St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John. With warm turquoise waters filled with plentiful marine life, a diversity of island flora and fauna and a thriving multicultural heritage, these islands are some of the most gorgeous in the entire Caribbean. If you’re considering traveling … Read more

New Columbus Live Music Trail Highlights the City’s Expansive Music Scene

New Columbus Live Music Trail Highlights the City's Expansive Music Scene

Evan Westfall of CAAMP performs in the band’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio “There is such a vibrancy to the scene, from the small clubs to the arenas and even the stadium. I know that I’ll always see something exciting whenever I’m in town.” — Two-time Grammy winner Pete Ganbarg, President of A&R for Atlantic Records. … Read more

The most terrifying new things to do in NYC: City Climb, Summit

The most terrifying new things to do in NYC: City Climb, Summit

New Yorkers consider themselves tough, but are they bold enough to scale the exterior of a Midtown skyscraper and lean over an open edge 1,271 feet above ground? That’s one of the stratospheric thrills of City Climb, a daredevil attraction at Hudson Yards that opens Tuesday. It’s one of three new, adrenaline-pumping Big Apple activities … Read more

Seattle planners ask for public input on growth plans

Seattle planners ask for public input on growth plans

Look for signs of Seattle’s explosive growth over the past several decades and you’re likely to see them mostly clustered in your nearest neighborhood hub. Apartment towers, triplexes, stores and restaurants—all these generally have been concentrated in key areas, while big swaths of land elsewhere are still home to mostly detached single-family houses. That’s not … Read more

Royal Caribbean Just Announced an Around-the-World Cruise

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Royal Caribbean is raising the bar on round-the-world trips with the launch of its new Ultimate World Cruise, exploring all seven continents on a 274-night adventure. Described by the company as the “longest and most comprehensive world cruise out there,” the inaugural voyage will sail roundtrip out of Miami with stops at 150 destinations in … Read more